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Friday, May 08, 2009

Check out Quiltsy's May Daze!

The Quiltsy
Etsy Street Team

May Daze!

May 10 -16, 2009

Play our game during May Daze and you could
win one of these fabulous prizes!


Has the long, cold winter left you in a daze? Well, Quiltsy
is celebrating the coming of spring in a big way, with an assortment of prizes
worth $350!!

Our May Daze promotion is sure to waken your adventurous spirit
with a lively game of hide & seek through participating shops. While the
game is being hosted, you will also be treated to special promotions offered
by each shop which can range from free shipping, to free gifts and/or discounts.
Winners of our game will receive prizes from among our most popular-selling

Quiltsy Team members are quite a creative bunch, and you will
find within the items for sale new twists on traditional quilts, as well as
other delightful items in the fiber arts arena.


  1. Your objective is to find the secret letters hidden within
    listings of participating shops. These letters will be placed in one of the
    4 alternate pictures in a listing of the seller's choosing.

  2. There are SIX words in total, and 35 shops. The letters
    that belong in the same word will be the same color to help you unscramble.

  3. The letters will be hidden in a quilt-related item; the
    seller may opt to give a clue, so be sure to read the shop intro!

  4. Once you have located all the pictures, unscramble the
    matching letters to form a quilt related word/phrase.

  5. Send your answer in a convo to QuiltsyTeam.
    (You will need to sign in to Etsy). Please include the words "May Daze"
    in the subject line.

  6. For each correct answer, you will get an entry to win one of six prize packages.
    The number of prizes in your package is determined by the length of the word.
    So for example, if you unscrambled the word "lotion", and your name
    is drawn from the correct entries, you would win six prizes!

  7. We encourage you to buy from participating shops, but there
    is no purchase necessary to enter or win.

  8. Winners will be drawn from among the correct answers received.
    Winners will receive notification of their winning entry by May 25, 2009.
    You will be asked to provide your shipping address at that time.

  9. Your prizes will be shipped direct to you from the shop
    giving the prize. This is great because you will get little surprises in your
    mailbox over several days. How fun!


  1. No Quiltsy Team members or their families may play.

  2. Drawing only valid for correct answers received between
    12:00 AM EST May 10 through 11:59 PM EST May 16, 2009

  3. Only one entry per user per word. So you cannot submit
    "lotion" over and over; but you could submit "lotion"
    and "soap" to get two entries.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our May Daze promotion! Good


Please visit
for the complete list of shops and to play the game!!!

Remember: you are looking for letters like this in one of the images of a
listed item in their shops!

Written by LoveBug
. Letter image provided by ForQuiltsSake.
Prize photos submitted by participating shops.

1 comment:

twinklescrapbooks said...

What a fun game!!! Good luck to all the entrants. :) Love your blog!