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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying a New Craft

I like to do crafts. Always have. I don't like doing the same thing over and over, which may not make the best business sense. On etsy, some of the more successful sellers seem to find their niche and become apron queens, or scrabble pendant makers, or make lots of tote bags. Once I conquer a design, pattern, or technique, I'm ready to move on. Well, instead of fighting it, I recently embraced the itch to try something new.

Inspired by one of my fellow challengettes, Jennifer of iWunder, and her beautiful yarn, I began to wonder if I could learn to crochet. Before we left for our Tennessee vacation, I headed to Michaels, and stocked up on "how to" books, a kit with multiple sizes of hooks, yarn and crocheting thread. With no sewing machine in the hotel room, I began the journey. Here are a few pictures of my early efforts. Oh, and youTube come in pretty handy, too. The rectangles are rows of different stitches, which I am not sure are entirely right. They look a little lumpy to me.

The etsy Hookers have nothing to worry about. I'm not ready to start competing with them... yet. The little pink flower below (or a similar one) will be showing up on an ACEO very soon.

Full disclosure. Sometime in my previous life, I learned a little bit about crocheting. But it had to be at least 25 years ago, maybe more. I even came across a crochet hook that I already owned. I think I used it for some other sewing thing though.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Giant Hamster Ball

A quick post and some pics... my family is on vacation in the Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee and we are having an awesome time. Hiking, Dollywood, family togetherness... the whole nine yards! Today we did something that was so unique and unusual I just had to post about it right away. We went on the Zorb. What, is that, you might ask? Well this started in New Zealand, and I first saw one on the Amazing Race (a reality show that I love). I could write more, but really a picture is worth a thousand words here!

Yes, I am really in this giant ball, turning and flipping and hanging on. The sensation is scary and awesome and amazing all at the same time! If you ever get a chance, you just have to try this!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank You, Stormy Designs

Ever since I started seriously blogging again, I've wanted 3 columns in my blog. I'm really just not that computer savvy... I can do the basics, but anything that starts with the letters H T M L has me shaking in my boots. I've gone to various websites that have blog templates, saw the "easy" instructions, and left just as quickly. Until now. You can see that I have 3 columns. Through a series of events that started with joining Etsy Bloggers, was found Stormy Designs. She was the one who accomplished this for me, and as a little thank you, I want to do a quick feature on her.

Stormy is a polymer clay artist who fashions unique sculptures, art and art jewelry, and home decor among other things. She is also a key contributer to Etsy Bloggers, and helps keep us all on our toes. She is truly a giving person, ready to help a newcomer to the bloggers at a moment's notice. She answers emails and convos quickly and professionally, and did not mind my questions at all. So, thank you Stormy for making my blog look its best.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Stormy's etsy shop:

Business Card Couch

Holly Tin

MG Collar Necklace

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Keeper's Jackpot--EtsyBloggers Featured Blogger

If you read my last post you know about my joining EtsyBloggers. The second assignment is to write about a selected etsy shop owner and fellow blogger, and this month's lucky girl really hit the jackpot! OK, all groans aside, it's Jackie, from A Keeper's Jackpot. She's a jewelry designer from upstate New York who is interested in wire wrapping, wire crochet and polymer clay. She also reports, from her profile, that she's exploring the art of decoupage. I can't wait to see the decoupage pendants she will create.

Here are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Black Widow's Web Necklace

Orange Creamsicle Candy Earrings (Yum!)

Cinnamon and Sugar Bracelet

Besides making jewelry, she works full time as a medical technologist. Her other passion is hiking, which is very evident when you read her blog. It is loaded with beautiful pictures of her hikes. Visit her blog at She is doing 2 giveaways as a thank you for being featured this month, so comment on the appropriate post, and mention you read about her here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Raindrops on Roses...

I've often been known (mostly by my family) to break into song without the slightest provocation, but I'm very excited to have been approved as a member of Etsy Bloggers (you can see their cool graphic along the side here), so I have reason to sing. They have assignments, which will hopefully help keep my blog fresh, and me more motivated to write.

The official name of THIS assignment is the Blog Carnival, and the theme is one of our own favorite creations. I like everything that I make, but my most favorite right now is a custom apron that I made for one of my fellow "One a Day Challengers". You can see information in posts on this blog, and our roll call is here too. Well, this apron turned out so well, that I would love to make more. It's completely reversible, with a large pocket, divided into 3 sections on each side. If you have 2 shops, this is perfect, because I can machine embroider a shop name on each side.

The other thing I love about this apron is that it really is comfortable. I have other, non-reversible aprons in the same style in my shop, and made one for myself. The ties cross in the back and tie around your waist, so there is no annoying tie at your neck. If you didn't want your custom apron reversible, I can make it just like these others in my shop.

I've always loved making things for other people, and working with artists to customize an apron just for them is very rewarding.