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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying a New Craft

I like to do crafts. Always have. I don't like doing the same thing over and over, which may not make the best business sense. On etsy, some of the more successful sellers seem to find their niche and become apron queens, or scrabble pendant makers, or make lots of tote bags. Once I conquer a design, pattern, or technique, I'm ready to move on. Well, instead of fighting it, I recently embraced the itch to try something new.

Inspired by one of my fellow challengettes, Jennifer of iWunder, and her beautiful yarn, I began to wonder if I could learn to crochet. Before we left for our Tennessee vacation, I headed to Michaels, and stocked up on "how to" books, a kit with multiple sizes of hooks, yarn and crocheting thread. With no sewing machine in the hotel room, I began the journey. Here are a few pictures of my early efforts. Oh, and youTube come in pretty handy, too. The rectangles are rows of different stitches, which I am not sure are entirely right. They look a little lumpy to me.

The etsy Hookers have nothing to worry about. I'm not ready to start competing with them... yet. The little pink flower below (or a similar one) will be showing up on an ACEO very soon.

Full disclosure. Sometime in my previous life, I learned a little bit about crocheting. But it had to be at least 25 years ago, maybe more. I even came across a crochet hook that I already owned. I think I used it for some other sewing thing though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the pink and white flower. You are a quick study! Is it like riding a mentioned another life and a long forgotten needle.