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Friday, July 18, 2008

Thank You, Stormy Designs

Ever since I started seriously blogging again, I've wanted 3 columns in my blog. I'm really just not that computer savvy... I can do the basics, but anything that starts with the letters H T M L has me shaking in my boots. I've gone to various websites that have blog templates, saw the "easy" instructions, and left just as quickly. Until now. You can see that I have 3 columns. Through a series of events that started with joining Etsy Bloggers, was found Stormy Designs. She was the one who accomplished this for me, and as a little thank you, I want to do a quick feature on her.

Stormy is a polymer clay artist who fashions unique sculptures, art and art jewelry, and home decor among other things. She is also a key contributer to Etsy Bloggers, and helps keep us all on our toes. She is truly a giving person, ready to help a newcomer to the bloggers at a moment's notice. She answers emails and convos quickly and professionally, and did not mind my questions at all. So, thank you Stormy for making my blog look its best.

Here are a few of my favorite things from Stormy's etsy shop:

Business Card Couch

Holly Tin

MG Collar Necklace


Anonymous said...

You wrote a very sweet and very TRUE feature.

Stormy is truly one of the best there is. Everything you said about her is so true. She has been a huge help to me to, and is always ready to answer when I call!

I would like to give thanks to Stormy again. There are never enough my friend.



Stormy Designs said...

Ahhh you two, quit or I'll get a swelled noggin :-)
I'm glad you love your new look Ellen.
Lily, thanks & hugsss.