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Friday, June 05, 2009

Summer Plans

It's Blog Carnival time again over at Etsy Bloggers, and a big oops from me, because I somehow let May get away from me without participating. So sorry fellow bloggers.

Anyway, the topic I've chosen for this carnival is summer plans. I love summer. I love the hot weather, and I love the lazy, relaxed feel of summer even when we aren't really able to be lazy or relaxed. This year we have no vacations planned, but hopefully that won't stop us from being spontaneous and having a fun weekend away somewhere. In fact, we do have an overnight stay in Chattanooga planned later this month when we head up there to meet our daughter, Laura's future in-laws (and they meet us).

Which brings us to what seems to be consuming our summer for now. Wedding plans. Laura is doing a lot of the planning now since she'll be moving from Atlanta (where the wedding will be happening on this very day next year) to Lexington, Kentucky. None of her bridesmaids live in Atlanta right now, though, so I'm doing a lot of these things with her. With the wedding so far away, planning has been relaxed and going smoothly so far.

I'm also doing a lot of sewing, and will try to improve on my posting about works in progress, plus news and features on my Etsy friends (no promises though... this blogging stuff is work!).

Several of my friends on the list over there of One a Day Challenge members make beautiful wedding jewelry, but I think that Fen, of Bead Flora Jewels may take the (wedding) cake with the weddingist of all... a French beaded bouquet. Feast your eyes on this beautiful creation:

1 comment:

twinklescrapbooks said...

That is the most beautiful bouquet. So pretty and detailed!
tina :)