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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday -- A New Activity

Today's meeting topic had to do with boredom... you know, if you eat grilled chicken all the time, you'll get bored, and then quit the program. Of course, before you started Weight Watchers (or any plan for that matter) you ate the same thing all the time, and you didn't get bored and stop eating, did you? Never mind. But there really are lots of great things to eat out there that aren't loaded with calories, so choose wisely.

You can also get bored with your activity, too. It's been around a long time, but why not try hula hooping? I just bought a sports hoop, and it seems like its going to be lots of fun.

Well, that's obviously not me... but who knows, in a week or two I could look just like her!

OK, probably not. And you can even buy your hula hoop on Etsy!! Check out hoola monsters or Full Circle Quirk and get yours today!


OpheliasApothecary said...

i hope you don't look like her.....i like your hair better the way you have it! lol.

Deb Shinnlinger said...

Hey! Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I'm FullCircleQuirk. I found this post by doing a random google search, funny the way it goes...Are you enjoying hooping?