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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Mother's Love

I stole that title from one of my sister's latest blog posts, but it seemed appropriate in this case, too. You see, what with Laura moving to the land of the Big Blue (is that what you Kentucky people call Lexington?), there are some wedding errands that need to be done without her. I mean, SOMEONE has to taste the cake!

So, even though my surgery isn't a week old, I found a friend that was willing to go on an outing that ended with cake.

Cake is an important part of the wedding, wouldn't you agree? I mean, sure, the flowers are gorgeous, the flower girl adorable, and of course, the bride is stunning, but if the cake isn't good, well, then, people remember that.

My friend, Sharon and I ventured into Midtown Atlanta today to sample the wares at Chocolate Pink. Our report... delicious!

You can click on the link to her post and read about her sacrifice, and decide who had the harder job. I think she probably wins (if there is winning to be had here).

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