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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Plaid Shorts and Polos

The shopping continued today, and I believe that Kyle is set with plenty of plaid shorts and polos... striped and solids. Our main question to him is... who is she? He's not tellin'.

Laura came home briefly yesterday for a dentist appointment and the good news is that she only has one wisdom tooth. The dentist recommended doing NOTHING! Yay! That is one rite of passage that we can all do without so she is one lucky girl. She helped me cook last night so again we got everything made in just over 30 minutes. Then we went to see Ice Age 2. It was the 9:15 showing and who knew there would be so many really little kids there. The movie was pretty funny, but had some really scary bits so there was a lot of screaming, crying kids. Maybe they were just tired!

She spent the night, and then the whole family went shopping together. She had to go back to Athens this afternoon, because she had to work. We did have fun though and Kyle ate so much at lunch that the waiter actually gave him a free piece of cake (he finished a HUGE plate of ribs, plus a large bowl of soup). Oh, to be a 15 year old boy who is trying to gain weight!!

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