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Friday, March 31, 2006

Fashion Epiphany

This entry has nothing to do with cooking, Rachel Ray, or weight loss... mostly because I haven't thought of any of those things for the last couple of days. Instead, yesterday, after track practice (about 5 pm... rush hour) I had to drive Kyle to Lenox Square in search of seersucker shorts to wear to the dance at school that was beginning at 8 pm. Suddenly, he is tired of me picking out all his clothes !! And khaki cargo shorts are so, well, yesterday. No luck with the seersucker, but he did get some green shorts, a pale yellow Ralph Lauren polo, some madras patchwork shorts from Brooks Brothers, and some seersucker looking shorts from Banana Republic. We made it home in time for a quick dinner (the ultimate under 30 minute dinner... spaghetti and sauce from a jar), a shower, and back in the car. He showed up fashionably late about 8:25.

If you want to check out where Laura will be going at the end of May, go to It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

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