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Friday, March 24, 2006

Still cooking

Well, things are still cooking here. I've had to jump around in the RR2 cookbook, but that's my primary source. It seems like the make your own takeout section is the most useful for my family. This week it was the Philly cheesesteaks (not right without mayo according the Roland), and the 5-spice beef and pepper stir fry (that I made with broccoli and cashews instead of peppers and almonds). I'm averaging about 45 minutes if I make the whole menu, though last night, with the stir fry, that's all I made and it came in under 30 minutes.

This weekend, I'm flying up the Richmond, VA to meet up with some Maryland girlfriends. Our little group started as a church women's group we called the "Get Away Group" because we all had small children, and Saturday mornings were a good time to leave the kids with dad and "get away". Most of our kids are grown up and out of the house now, and we are really "getting away" even if it's only for two days and one night. Should be fun though, as I've never been to Richmond (except to drive through).

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