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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Well, I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still cooking. I did manage to be a vegetarian the whole time Roland and Kyle were out of town, but they like meat too much. I've made several more Rachel recipes... only one menu took me 30 minutes. That was the Spanish beef and rice and a salad. The rest took at least 45 minutes. The more chopping and ingredients, the longer the recipe takes. Friday I made the super sloppy joes, but I have a great Southern Living sloppy joe recipe in the 1982 collection. It's a favorite of the whole family, so I'll stick with that in the future.

Today was family yard work day. We had an estimate from a lawn care company that seemed so expensive (for a spring cleanup) that I decided we could do it ourselves. We have several places in the back yard to dump leaves and debris, so I got a tarp, got the kids to go along with being paid, and we all worked. I"ll be sore tomorrow. Laura and Kyle worked until after lunch, and then Kyle had to go to the library for a research project. I've never seen him so eager to do homework.

We found a great bbq place tonight... Williamson Bros. in Marietta. Since we've been in Atlanta about 7 months, we've been trying to find our favorite restaurants. So far, our fav Mexican is Taxco. This bbq place might make the list, and we will definitely go back. Favorite subs... any Jersey Mike location. That's all that have made the list so far.

Laura goes back to school tomorrow after a fun spring break... Florida and then time with her famously fun (and favorite) family ;-).

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