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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Featured Etsy Blogger -- Tulip's Treasure Box

When most people think of B&B, they think bed and breakfast. When Lily, of Tulip's Treasure Box, thinks of those letters, I would bet that she thinks beading and blogging! I recently had the pleasure of working with Lily on an apron project that I made for her, and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.

I'm always interested in knowing how artists get their start in their chosen craft. Lily started her beading journey only a year and a half ago when she stumbled into a beginner's bead class. It was not quite the beading experience that she had hoped for, but took more classes, practiced, learned from mistakes, joined a beader's guild, and you can see in her shop that it all paid off.

I asked her the typical "what inspires you" question, and Lily is inspired by the usual: other artists, nature, books. But, in her own words, "I am also inspired by the hunt for my supplies. Starting a new project is like a blank painter's canvas, and you get to be the one to conceive." She enjoys seeing her work in progress in photographs, and often blogs about the process from start to finish, both in words and pictures. Reading her blog, Tulip's Talking, is educational and inspirational, both.

Finally, I wanted to find out what she likes to do besides beading, and she admitted that she is "deeply addicted" to beading! But she also LOVES to be out on the water, and living near the coast of Florida gives her that opportunity. You can see the influences that the water and sea life have on her art.

So, stop in Tulip's Treasure Box and see what's new, and you will thoroughly enjoy reading her blog!