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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Midnight Blue for the Evening

I've decided to do a second Blog Carnival for the etsy bloggers this month, they are always so fun and thought provoking. The topic I'm choosing is to pick a favorite color and show it in your work.

Probably the color that I always answer in the "favorite" question is blue. I really love just about any shade of blue, but in honor of the high school reunion I'll be attending this weekend, the showcased "blue" will be the midnight blue that was the color of my '66 Mustang I drove my senior year. OK, disclaimer... when I bought the car for $600, it was a lovely bronze-y color. My dad and I repainted it ourselves the said midnight blue. Sadly, no picture of it here, but it's pretty darn close to the color of this little evening bag. (The golden butterflies are a pretty good representation of my car's former color.)

What high school reunion is this? There are a couple clues in this post, and maybe in other posts... can you guess?

Note (added 9/16/08): Went to my 30th high school reunion over the past weekend. The 66 mustang was very used by the time I bought it in 1978. I think my clues were much too subtle, lol.


agoodwitchtoo said...

Oh! A '66 Mustang is my dream car! I bet it was gorgeous in that particular shade of blue.

Anonymous said...

Birthday: 01/05/1960
Age: 48

25th Reunion...

~Lily *wink*

storybeader said...

I was thinking that the gold was what the mustang must have looked like before. What were you thinking when you made this? Butterflies or cars?

If you drove a 1966 car in your senior year, plus it wasn't a new car = close to 50th? Say it ain't so!

Ellen said...

Oh, don't think I left good enough clues... it was my 30th.

Yazmin said...

Oh, I bet that car looked fantastic with the midnight blue.

Miss B said...

What fun it must have been driving around town in a custom painted mustang! I'm way jealous!

LL said...

Ah Elle - do you still have the car? We had mustangs growing up - 67/68. I got a 65 convertible for my big 40 Bday!! Love driving it and get lots of looks :)