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Monday, October 20, 2008

Coaster Experiment Update

Well, thanks everyone for your ideas and opinions after reading about my coaster experiment. The final votes are not in, but the majority thought having some waterproof capability is important. There are a number that really like the idea of reversible coasters.

So, I've decided to make both! I'm calling the reversible coasters, Coffee Mug Coasters, to let everyone know that these are best for hot drinks! I've got some great Christmas fabric and winter fabric that will be fabulous to use when you make that hot chocolate. Don't forget the marshmallows.

The coasters with the waterproof bases will be simply coasters with waterproof, non-slip bases. Check back in the shop often, because I'll be trying to list 1 or 2 sets a day.

And the contest is still open, so if you want to comment on whether you like reversible or waterproof coasters better, you'll be eligible to win a free set (your choice of any in the shop). The contest ends this Thursday at 10 pm, est.


TiLT said...

congrats on deciding...and I like your decision...largely due to the fact that I was going to start doing coasters soon also...but they are being done differently - phew :)

ccdesign said...

I really love the waterproof coasters, and I really like the pattern with the set shown.

Kristin said...

Great, Great idea!! I am glad you perfected it!! can't wait to see more of your designs!!

Kristin said...

Elle- that Kristin was me!! of kmaylward!!

Sarah said...

I love your coasters, Elle! Makes sense to make both. I have those thirsty stone type coasters so my preference would be pretty cloth ones for hot mugs. There is almost always a hot mug nearby! :) Sarah

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I already commented - but I just wanted to say these look fantastic!