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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Craft Table

Sometimes we have to take a break from our crafts to make our environment, i.e., where we do all our fun work, work better for us. My cutting work has taken place in either one of two places in my house. Big projects were cut out on the dining room table, and I'm notorious for leaving stuff out. Not good for family harmony. Smaller projects are cut out on a flimsy folding table covered with a cardboard "cutting board" from one of the fabric stores. This table lives at the end of the guest bed which also serves as a "table". Also not really a good plan. Here's the photo:So, time for a new plan. I've already cleaned out the storage part of our basement. Now there is space for a new cutting table. I bought the trestle legs at Ikea, and an MDF top at Lowe's. I had the MDF cut to 3' x 6' and will be ordering a cutting mat to cover it... just looking for the best price. Roland built the whole thing this evening, and with a little sanding, and maybe some painting of the edges it will be ready to go. No more dining room, or guest room mess (well, maybe a little mess). Here's the table:
I have a long scrap of MDF that I will use as a shelf on the bottom. The other great thing about the table... it's 3' high, so no uncomfortable bending over while I cut. I'm ready to sew! Won't be happening until Thursday though (maybe late Wed., we'll see, but 2 WW meetings... might be tough).

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