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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Wow! Time does get away from me somehow. Today was the WW staff meeting, so there went my Sunday afternoon. Laura was home this weekend, doing laundry before heading off to the coast for her spring break. And I have 4-1/2 days to get ready for our own trip to Costa Rica! Very excited, but there is a lot to do. I've got a new apron design that I really love, I hope others do to. The picture is "just a peek". And, as luck would have it, it's the part that is finished.

I've joined flickr, and when I get it sorted out, I'll put in a link. I'll put this picture in, too, in the Just a Peek etsy flickr group I joined. That sounds pretty unintelligible, so perhaps I had better end this post and try again when I'm not tired and distracted.

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