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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Gaudy Goddess

In my ongoing series of birthday features of the One a Day Challengers (also known as the Challengettes), I want to introduce you today to Deborah Croskey, the Gaudy Goddess. One of the original Challengettes, she saw it as a way to get more motivated. Deb says, "Joining the challenge made me feel productive at a time when i felt like i was getting nothing accomplished....and when i felt like no one was interested in my stuff, i found a whole team of people cheering me on!"

Deb is definitely a multi-tasker and you will find two shops in one when you visit. (She also has a second shop, Shop Envy, where she de-stashes her supplies.) I can give a firsthand review of the body cream and shower cream that she markets under the label Ophelia's Apothecary. It is wonderful! I am a repeat shopper, as are many of the Challengettes. Once you try it you will be sold. She does offer a sampler set.

She also makes beautiful jewelry, and pictured here are her signature recycled glass pendants, and one of her beautiful necklaces. Deb is completely self-taught, and says that she inherited her crafty spirit from her father, who turned a hobby into a full-time business when medical issues forced him to quit working. Deb has found herself in the same position, as she battles cancer.

When I asked her where her favorite place in the world is, it was no surprise that she says, "My favorite place in the world is anywhere i can find peace....and balance. ... i really try to be happy just where i am....i love a good quiet room...stillness in the backyard....a calm rustle of fall leaves. ... now i've learned that happiness can be found anywhere if you let yourself find it."

For the lighter side of Deb, I learned that she is a very picky, unadventurous eater. She is one of those people whose foods canNOT touch on the plate. She does love to bake, and is telling us all the time about the yummy treats that are coming from her oven. Her all time favorite food is fried chicken, which she tries not to indulge in too often.

The Gaudy Goddess has lots of tips for new (and old) Etsy sellers! They include knowing your vision and sticking to it, find a supportive "pack" that will give you unconditional love and tough-Etsy love at the same time, have super pictures, and to please spend time working on making your shop better instead of wondering why you aren't selling.

Get to know the Gaudy Goddess and you won't be sorry. She is the most positive, upbeat person I think I have ever met. She has started a new team called Create Ability Team Etsy, and is also writing a blog for them. Click on the links to learn more about this team. She has her own blog, as well, which you can find by clicking here.


ginny said...

Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite Etsians! Wonderful feature on Deb, Elle!

Createability Team Etsy said...

elle...thank you so much lovey for the beautiful feature. i am so honored! we have a great team and i'm so humbled to be amoung such a group of fabulous artists, and rock chickie!

deborah {incase i log in under the wrong name again! tee hee!}

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Thanks for the feature on Deb (theGaudyGoddess). It's great to learn a little more about her. It has been so encouraging to have her as one of the Challengettes ...always ready to cheer us on!

Bead Flora and Jewels said...

Deborah is so great! We love you chickie :)

Kara said...

Hurrah for Deb! Happy Birthday!

And hurrah for you, Elle. I could just read your writing all day long.

earlybird said...

Happy Birthday Deb! What a great feature, that's Elle for sharing this, I didn't know Deb's fav food was fried chicken, lol!