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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

I decided to combine 2 of the things I love in one feature! Etsy, and losing weight. Well, ok, I don't really like the losing weight part because it's really hard work. But, I AM a Weight Watchers leader, and today is the day I have all my meetings. And I do love Etsy, so there will be a fun item to go along with the message.

This week's topic in WW meetings is Vote YES for Yourself! That goes along with the Helpful Habit of taking care of yourself, which is something I, personally, will always need to work on. I found this adorable card at colespic's shop:

colespic has also been a featured etsy seller! You can read more about her here!


uniquecommodities said...

Thanks for sharing! I have a colespic card too! She is awesome!

earlybird said...

Thanks Elle, I'm off to check out her shop...

Anonymous said...

As the crowd was chanting for Barack Obama last night "Yes We Can" - more positive self-talk from a WW lifetime member.

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Yes! I can...and I will! Thank you, Elle.