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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Get Momentum with Weight Loss Wednesday

If you've read the About Me, or my profile in my shops or some of these very posts, you know that in addition to having an Etsy shop, I am a Weight Watchers Leader. This week marks the launching of Weight Watchers' 2009 plan which they have named Momentum. A merging of the plans formerly known as Flex and Core, Momentum harvests the best from each of these to form one exciting new plan. That's really all I can say here, but check out their website for more information or to find a meeting near you. Sign up now and beat the rush from all those making the same old, same old resolution!

In honor of the new launching, I want you to feast your eyes on this digital print that I found in the etsy shop, Orangepulp. Audrey is a digital artist who creates wonderful and whimsical illustrations of oranges. This one is entitled, appropriately enough, Momentum. According to the description in her shop, it's about the physics of oranges. I'll have to take her word on that!


Oranges are wonderfully filling and will give you a great start to looking and feeling fine in 2009! And the oranges you see at Orangepulp have no points at all!!

1 comment:

earlybird said...

Great tip about the oranges Elle! Aren't they are fantastic winter food! Also what a spectacular Etsy find. Love that artwork :)