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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's December already, and the holiday season is upon us. But this year, we have so much more to be worried about. There's recession, bailouts, layoffs, and cutbacks, oh my! We can be thankful that the elections are finally over, but where do we turn for comfort. Before you head to the freezer for the Ben & Jerry's, or the pantry for the oreos and chips, head outside for a walk, grab a rake (or a snow shovel), play tag with your kids. Get more activity to ease the stress, and burn off some calories.

Add some humor and whimsy to your life to lighten up things. There is enough bad news, so look for places to have fun and laugh. Maybe even do some inexpensive decorating. The Freckled Hound has amazing vinyl wall art decals that are easy to apply, and so cute. This one is particularly appropriate:

That really says it all, doesn't it!


Anonymous said...

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kim* said...

i think i will go to desserts to make me happy :)