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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The "Weight Loss" Wednesday Before Valentine's Day

Think of Valentine's Day and you might thing of a big heart filled with decadent chocolates! In honor of that delightful thought, here are a few no-cal goodies for you to feast your eyes on (all courtesy of my One a Day Challenge friends... do an Etsy search for "dailychallenge" to see all they have to offer).

P.S. Click on the picture and go directly to the item. Click on the shop name, and browse the whole shop!


Happy Valentine's Day!!


Audrey said...

Wow!! you found some really great shops! I hope to do something similar on my blog for Fridays. Love finding new etsy crafters/artists.

earlybird said...

Yummo!!! All these creations look super delicious!

myminimocs said...

some really wonderful finds here - thanks for posting!!!