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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Today I want to mention something that is so important to life. Forget losing weight. It's so important just to get enough liquids into your body. It makes everything work so much better. Will it make you lose weight if you drink lots of water? Not directly, but it certainly can't hurt. And now, Weight Watchers has decided that it doesn't even have to be water that you drink... just drink something. At least 6 8-oz. glasses of something. Of course water is always your best bet for hydrating, but if you just can't swallow it, than anything. Oh, except anything with alcohol in it. Alcohol can do a lot of things for your body, but it won't help to hydrate it.

While you are conditioning your body on the inside with lots of liquids, think about conditioning it on the outside with some of Ophelia's Apoth.e.cary's wonderful Deeply Conditioning Body Butter in a lovely Tranquil Waters scent.

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