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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vegetarian Week

Not too late for a resolution, this year I've decided to institute "vegetarian week" in our household. Once a month, for one week, I'm not preparing any meals with meat. I'm going to observe vegetarian week for all meals, but I'm not holding anyone else to that, not that I really could. My husband, a devout carnivore, will just have to get his meat at lunchtime.

This month, vegetarian week started today. Breakfast, no problem for anyone as we're a cereal and toast kind of family with the occasional egg thrown in. We almost always go out for lunch after church, so I chose a Thai restaurant. So far, so good. I had planned to cook tonight, but we're still kind of full from lunch. We've opted for a scrambled egg and toast dinner. No problems!

And my lucky husband has a business trip from Tuesday until Saturday, so basically, he's off the hook for lots of veggies, and I'm pretty excited! If anyone has any favorite websites for vegetarian recipes (or any favorite meal ideas), feel free to leave that info in a comment.


Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

I think this is a great idea. There's always room for veggies and never enough- my husband may disagree. Tofu stir-frys are great!

Vicki (twitter name rdpmommie) said...

My vegetarian brother made a delicious vegetarian "meatloaf" with walnuts to replace he meat.