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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March Madness

It's March and time for the madness to begin. And no, I don't mean basketball. I mean it's time for a sale. If you don't read any farther than this, by clicking on the pictures or shop names, you will enter that fabulous shop and the great world of Etsy.

I'm having a sale in both of my shops, Down the Street Creations and Elle Quilts, and basically the sale is the same for both. I'm offering 15% off of everything in each shop. A bonus of free shipping anywhere in the world if you spend more than $10.00. So, for all those destash items, and low cost buttons, buy more and get free shipping! What a deal! The prices are not marked down, but I will refund through paypal, or send a revised invoice if you don't pay right away.

Dogs Saying Take My Picture Wall Hanging Quilt by Down the Street

Red Textured Vintage Buttons at Elle Quilts

Some of my friends have gone mad, too. Check out Once Upon a Rock, jewelry made by fellow Challengette Jessica. Her style might be called quirky romance and you'll find beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The prices are already marked down 10 to 20% so there is no refund or waiting for an invoice. Shop away!

Invitation -- pearl and lapis lazuli earrings by Once Upon a Rock

You'll also want to visit my friend and fellow Challengette Kristin's shop, Kristria Designs. In her own words, she considers her style "unique and earthy" and I would have to add amazing! Her sale is the same as mine (though I have to confess I got the idea from her), 15% off everything in her shop. Prices are not marked down and she, too, will refund via paypal.

Sunshine in Copper earthy copper necklace by Kristria Designs

Finally, I want to introduce you to my newest friend and fellow member of the Etsy Quiltsy Team. It's Beth, the creator behind Berry Blue Creations. Beth makes one of a kind bags, pillows and cloth art dolls, often recycling fabric from a previous use. When you visit Berry Blue, make sure to read Beth's bio page and learn more about this fascinating artist. For Beth's March sale, celebrating her one year Etsy-versary, everything in her shop is $10! Shipping to all U.S. locations is $3, and if you spend more than $20 you will get a free item as well. Make sure you read her shop announcement carefully to take advantage of that offer.

Meet Lenny Lizard who used to be a Victoria's Secret robe! by Berry Blue Creations


Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

I'm loving March Madness! Thanks for featuring me and my shop sale. You are a fabulous friend.

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

Thanks for listing your promotion on this week's Etsy Deals Post. I'm giving away some free add space (image of any one item in your shop, linked to your home page) if you're interested. You can enter the drawing at