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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Weight Loss Thursday

My goal of a post every Wednesday, well, you can see that isn't always happening! But, it is on my mind, especially with my two Weight Watcher meetings on Wednesday. Next week's meeting topic is exercise, and I'm getting a jump on it here with a dedication to running. Love it or hate it, it burns a lot of calories, and it's one cardio exercise, that I do kind of like in a perverse sort of way.

I've been pretty consistent with at least twice a week strength training, and it has done wonders for maintaining my weight. The cardio portion was sorely lacking though, and my goal now is to run at least twice a week. Three times would be great, but many weeks, unrealistic for me. To encourage myself, you can peek over to the right column and see the Log My Run gadget. Yep, it's keeping me honest, and encouraging me to speed it up to overcome an embarrassingly slow pace. In my defense, there are some pretty wicked hills in my neighborhood.

The bottom line however, is whether you are maintaining your weight, or trying to lose, exercise is going to be an important tool in making that happen.

To celebrate running, I want to introduce you to First Light Glass over on Etsy. Dawn makes fused glass art and jewelry. Take a look at these adorable pendants. I'm afraid I may look more like the chicken, but I'd love to be as fast as a jackrabbit one of these days.

Free Range Chicken

Easter is on it's way

Happy running!!


Tea said...

I wish exercise was more fun. I know it's good for you but I've never been a runner! I'm glad you're so motivated to keep going!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

Those pendants are so cute! good luck with your running and exercise