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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coming Soon... Featured Artist

One of the ways that my blog is changing directions is to focus on etsy and the business of my shop... and other's. I'm starting a "Get to Know an Etsy Artist" feature, and the plan will be to have at least one artist a week featured (maybe more if I get good at this!). So, every Thursday you can get to know an artist. The first one to be featured is MonkeyBuns. She asked on a thread in the etsy forums about how to get featured, so she seemed like the perfect candidate. Plus, I LOVE her shop's name. And, just a little teaser... it's a nickname for her son. How cute! I love when the shop name really means something special, and I love learning about it.

Etsy has so many members that I hope that I can make even just a few your new best friend, that just happens to be fabulously artistic!

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