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Monday, April 21, 2008

One a Day Challenge

The best thing that has happened to my shop is a challenge that was started in the forums by Bittersweets. The premise... make an item every day and list it in your shop. So far so good. I was off to a bad start (though the reason is explained in the post about buying new supplies). I posted 2 items the next day, and have managed to do one every day.

So why is it the best thing? Well, first of all the exposure has been great. I think at one point yesterday I was in at least 3 treasuries. (I made one of my own today... they are such fun). But even more important than that, has been the discipline. It's made me plan, and have some small things. Little bags that are quick to make have been the backbone of my challenge, and I'll make more to fill in. My smocking is coming along though, and I plan to list my first smocked dress tomorrow!

But even better than all that... the friendships that are developing among the other challenge participants (I think we need a name!). Everyone is so talented, and I have lots on my wish list now!

Here's a treat from the woman who started it all...

1 comment:

ArtsyChaos said...

Great post ! I totally agree, it's been so much fun !