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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Introducing a New Blog...

... and making it a part of my 3 things for today. You see, I am so grateful for the ambitiousness of my daughter. She is enjoying the planning of her own wedding so much, that she thinks she would love to be a part of the wedding industry in some way. To that end, she has started a blog, The Decisive Bride. It's a bit sparse now, but stay tuned!

Today, I'm also grateful for positive test results. Positive, as in, boy, this is good news! All my bloodwork from last week's physical is in the normal range, except for my cholesterol. It's slightly elevated, but the good kind of cholesterol is also high (which is good), so it all balances out and makes it just fine.

Finally, I'm grateful for water. We woke up to no water this morning. ACK! Of course we all had somewhere to be, and needed to take showers. Thankfully, it was back on by about 7:45, and we were off to the races. Living in a major metropolitan area, you just don't expect to not have water, and when it's back, you really are grateful!


twinklescrapbooks said...

That sounds like a really neat blog! :)

Kara said...

So I'm catching up with your blog all at once. Bet you're shocked.

Love, love, love the clutches. Love.