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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


That is how my husband and Kyle described last night's dinner. I give it 3 stars(out of 5). I made the first menu in the Family-Style Suppers (FSS). Who knew that you could bake artichoke hearts?! I thought they were great, son Kyle thought they were tangy and gross. The chicken piccata pasta toss was good, but not great (and brown). Those 2 things took me just over an hour. I didn't make the dessert.

As a disclaimer, I've never seen her show. Maybe she gives tips on how to speed up the process. She does recommend reading everything through before you start. I'll try that tonight to see if it helps.

Happy Valentine's Day!


mcminnp said...

meals with a color usually just happen in our house - we must not be real nutrious on the nights that dinner is "white" that means chicken, cauliflower, rice or pasta - yesterday should have been "red" dinner; spoke with a friend that says every valentines they have a red dinner - spaghetti with tomato based sauce, strawberrie, red tipped lettuce salad and red food coloring for all else

dlpsmp said...

i will be living vicariously through you--as I am not as ambitious as you in the cooking dept. I will let you know that we love the super sloppy joes in RR 30 min. 2 (if you premeasure your ingredients, it is very fast)...and the other night I made the winter vegetable stew ( but added browned cubed filet)--ems didn't care for it, but the rest of us enjoyed it...
as for WW--maybe I will be motivated many weeks until Hawaii??????!!!!

laura said...

of course kyle would say it was tangy.