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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Still an Hour

I skipped over a couple sections and, in honor of Valentine's Day, went to the Big Nights section. AND I made dessert. Still took me an hour, but that was including the dessert (which had to chill so I made it first as advised). The dessert was good, probably great if you are a huge chocolate lover, and probably should have been made even earlier in the day. It was the consistency of thick chocolate syrup in the bottom of the cup.

The vodka cream pasta and the "heart-y" salad were good, but my husband said he wouldn't have proposed over it (as RR claims). I would make both again, but I'm not very good at drizzling the oil and vinegar over the salad. Anyone know which one you are supposed to do first?

I've started volunteering at the Atlanta Dress for Success organization. Check it out at Anyway, I'll post more about it later.

1 comment:

laura said...

what was the dessert?