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Monday, February 13, 2006

My Challenges

I have decided to give myself a somewhat unoriginal challenge, by making all the meals in Rachel Ray's 30-Minute Meals 2 cookbook. I received this for Christmas and have made a few things, and to spice things up, I'm going to start at page 1 and work my way through, recording my journey for anyone who happens to stumble on this. (I'm brand new to blogging, so bear with me here.)

A couple of tests for ol' Rachel... can these meals REALLY be made in 30 minutes, and are all the ingredients REALLY easily found. Oh, and I'm not going to do one meal after another in order, but meal 1 of each section, then meal 2, etc. I've already done this for 2 of the meals and I'll make that report in a future post, but the bottom line, was each one of those actually took a little over an hour.

My other personal challenge is my commitment to Weight Watchers, and my goal to lose about 20 pounds (also unoriginal, but necessary). This will eliminate making the desserts in Rachel's menus, but I'll mention that in my reports.

I'm off to cook...


laura said...

mommy!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ellen, this is so funny. Of course, it's a blog about dinner. We were really glad to find leftover chili from last night after KH's soccer game. Both of my sisters are addicted to the food network but they don't like Rachel Ray. I like her hair. Lisa T. p.s. remind me tell you about today - I got maimed at the red cross of all places!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have never been to a blog site. (I feel old!) I like Rachel Ray - YOu need to watch the show! However, I would say many of her meals are hard to fit into the points totals for WW unless you don't eat much else that day. By the way, I lost 15 lbs on WW and I'm now a lifetime member( as of Jan 06). I lost it very slow, only 3lbs a month but it was worth it. I dropped two sizes!! Cindy D.