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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hits and Misses

The last two Rachel Ray menus I made were hits and misses. Sunday's dinner was a Passport menu and we found ourselves transported to the southwest. Well, not really. The stuffed peppers were a miss, but we loved the rice--Mexican style-- that was stuffed in the peppers. The wild mushroom quesadillas were great, although I forgot to buy the shiitake mushrooms. Didn't miss them. The black bean salsa would have been great except for the barbecue sauce which just made it weird. I think regular salsa or taco sauce would have made it a hit instead of a miss. The strawberry margaritas were a hit. And the whole thing took 50 minutes.

Last night Laura stopped by on her way home from taking Anthony to the ATL airport. She helped chop for our Healthy Hunger Buster (HHB) dinner of swordfish steaks, mango salsa and the curry couscous. Loved the swordfish. Had to improvise with the mango salsa when I discovered the mango I bought was rotten. Luckily I had some diced peaches that worked just great. For the curry couscous, I don't really like curry that much so I used just half of what was in the recipe. Also, I just diced the carrots and cooked them when the water was boiling. Oh, and I didn't have the sliced almonds which I thought I did. It was pretty good, but not great. The salsa and couscous took about 30 minutes with a chopping helper. The swordfish took 10 minutes per person because I only have a small George Foreman, but Laura ate before everyone else got home. The fish was great cooked that way, and worth the wait.

Kind of a disappointing afternoon today. Kyle didn't make the baseball team, so he'll have to regroup and rethink what he wants to do this spring.


laura said...

aw, he didn't? boo. he can come visit me instead?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen-I am so disappointed about the baseball. I was planning on going to some games and sitting with you! I knew that baseball is the most competitive sport around here (and east cobb). I hope he's not too disappointed... I am waiting on a plumber this a.m. Plus I am going to bake pumpkin muffins (for Suzanne's math class) and do my Bible study homework. Good luck with Rachel Ray. Lisa T.