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Thursday, February 23, 2006

You can't always get what you want

That song has been going through my mind all day. You get what you need. I'm sure that's a sign for Kyle, though he seems to have moved on from the baseball idea to track. He was home sick today, and likely tomorrow as well since his fever (almost 102) won't seem to break. I think a trip to the doctor will be in order tomorrow.

No cooking tonight. Roland has a business dinner, and with Kyle sick, I just ordered a pizza. Also it was WI... another 0.8 lost. Yippee. The pizza was a bit of a "celebration". I did cook the previous two nights though.

Tuesday was Make your own take-out... pork burgers and red bean salad. Just over 30 minutes and the burgers were really good. You mix the ground pork with sausage. I couldn't find the kind Rachel recommended, but used hot Italian sausage (in honor of the Olympics?). Still great. The red bean salad, I thought, was also good, but Roland and Kyle were not overly impressed.

Last night it was marinated meat... I used chicken, though the recipe claims you can use the marinade on beef, pork or portabella mushrooms. Then just pan-fried. Good. Also cheesy orzo, the best part of the whole meal... a great gooey comfort kind of side dish. The balsamic glazed brocoli just turned out too weirdly brown and vinegary. I think plain steamed would be just as good (or better). I marinated the chicken earlier in the day (she says 10 minutes is enough), and the rest of the meal took just over 30 minutes. Oh, and you make gravy to go with it. Rachel's gravy recipe was a huge success. I would never say I could make gravy before. I would definitely make this menu again.

Gotta watch the Olympics now...


laura said...

maybe he got sun poisoning from his bahamas beach thing.

except, he didn't go to the beach. hm.

yay for good weigh-ins! i love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi /ellen, I'm sorry to hear that Kyle is sick. That's pretty harsh after being out of town, but I guess that's what happens after vacation, either you're fabulously rested and rejuvenated, or you're sick. The burgers sure sound yummy. I just ate a whole bunch of carrots, celery and hummus. I love hummus. L