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Friday, February 24, 2006


Kyle has the flu. That was the result of the rapid flu test done at the pediatrician's office this afternoon. In 2-5 days Roland and I could conceivably come down with it. Nobody, of course, took the time to get a flu shot. Yay.

I did cook tonight, and on the schedule was the vegetable "lasagna" which was good because Kyle is really not eating. It is basically cheese ravioli layered with veggies (spinach, artichoke hearts and asparagus) and a white sauce. Topped with cheese. It was yummy. Salad and lime sherbert and bread. Pretty good comfort food. Kyle picked out the ravioli which was the only solid food he has eaten since Mama Fu pot stickers at lunch yesterday. Smoothies from Smoothie King have been his sustenance. The doc did put him on tamiflu so hopefully he'll be well enough to go to school on Monday. He will have lots to make up.

Oh, dinner took about 40 minutes to make.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Ellen, sorry to hear Kyle has the flu. my mom had the flu last week(?) and the tamiflu worked also immediately for her. I hope it works for him that fast. KHT got his permit yesterday in under an hour. That was fabulous. I am so tired of waiting at the dmv. We are off to do a little driving in the rain. Suz. and J. are at a church weekend. Tell Kyle I hope he feels better soon. L.